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Awakening Tier 18 Sales Information

Hellfire Citadel

If interested please speak to Mfx in-game or via battletag: mwardrop#1838

Current bosses available for sale:

  • Normal HFC Clear - 250k gold. (Includes all Loot and BOEs)
  • Heroic HFC Clear - 500k gold. (Includes all Loot)
  • Heroic Arch Kill - 100K gold. (Includes all Loot)
  • Heroic Arch Kill - 50K gold. (Includes NO Loot, just grove warden)
  • Mythic HFC Front 6 bosses - 350K gold. (includes all Loot)
  • Mythic HFC Front 9 bosses - 700K gold. (includes all Loot, excluding Xhul'horac, Tyrant, Mannoroth, Archimonde)
  • Mythic HFC Clear - 2 million gold. (includes all Loot, no mount)
  • Mythic HFC Clear - 3.5million gold. (includes all Loot, and mount)
  • 11/13 Mythic HFC Clear - 900K gold (includes all Loot)
  • Blackhand mount and kill - 500k gold


  • All gold will be traded for all bosses in which the player will be in the raid for, prior to raid start.
  • These runs coincide with our regular raiding time, starting at 7:30pm CST and ending at 11pm CST on Tuesdays. If this time does not work for you please talk to us about other options.
  • All sales remain a private exchange between the buyer and the guild.
  • Discounts will be given to players returning for multiple weeks for a chance at a piece of gear they are looking for. Multiple item purchases in a run are subject to discounts as well. Discounts are handled on a case-by-case basis so please don't hesitate to inquire about them.
  • Buyers are eligible to join our mumble and actively participate in the raiding environment, or they may choose to simply die on each fight.


If you are interested in purchasing kills or gear from Awakening, please msg Mfx in-game or via battletag: mwardrop#1838

You may also send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send mfx a private message via our forums.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I don't see the boss listed that I'm interested in purchasing. Does that mean it's not available at this time?
    • No. All fights are available at this time, but may carry additional costs. Speak to Mfx about it to determine the price for what you're interested in.
  2. Are you also selling additional services such as Challenge Mode Golds, Meta Achievements or previous Tier content?
    • Yes. We are currently selling Challenge Mode Golds, Meta Achievements and previous Tier content. Additionally we are selling Normal Hellfire Citadel kills and gear including Archimonde.
  3. If I tell you what item(s) I am interested in, are you able to tell me ahead of time if they will be available or not?
    • Absolutely.
  4. Can I buy a full or partial package deal and not have to worry about paying individually?
    • Yes, you can. Please speak to Mfx directly about this to work it out.
  5. Are discounts available?
    • In some cases and for repeat customers, yes. Please speak to Mfx directly about this.